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CAGP-CCSMH Pre-conference course:
CALL for LECTURE & COURSE proposals


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New this year! We are pleased to invite you to submit a lecture or course proposal for the CAGP-CCSMH Pre-Conference Course (formerly the Update in Geriatric Psychiatry), to be held in Halifax on Thursday October 11, 2018 (immediately preceding the CAGP-CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting). 

 Course Information

All sessions must allow for at least 25% interactivity. Lectures or courses must either review concepts in a special subject area or present advanced material on a circumscribed topic relevant to Geriatric Psychiatry practice.  They can address any CanMEDS role.

Lecture: A one-hour session, generally focussing on one major topic. We encourage learning experiences that actively involve participants

Course: A 3 ½ hour session designed to emphasize learning experiences that actively involve participants and include the opportunity for formal exchange with faculty and other participants. Audience size may be limited as determined by the course director in conjunction with the CAGP. A course may consist of three to five separate talks around a similar theme with a question period or other form of interactivity.

Proposal Submission Format

All proposals must include:

  • Overall session title
  • Chair (name, institution, email) This person is the point of contact for the session and is responsible for communicating with speakers.
  • List of speakers (names, affiliations, email) Only speakers who have been contacted and have committed to the session should be listed. If you are submitting a proposal for a symposium or debate, please list the title of each speaker’s talk.
  • Abstract (< 400 words) Course directors and lecturers must provide an overall summary abstract that provides a descriptive statement of course content for the one-hour lecture or 3.5-hour course.For the 3.5-hour courses, if there is more than one presenter, course directors must attach abstracts from each presenter to the overall summary, outlining his or her contribution to the presentation.  Separate abstracts received randomly from individual presenters will not be accepted.
  • Session justification (< 250 words) The justification should focus on how the proposal satisfies educational merits listed below. It should not simply repeat the description.
  • Session summary (< 50 words) This is a very short version of the session description. Please limit to one sentence in length.
  •  Learning objectives All submissions require three learning objectives in the format “After this session, participants will be able to…” Key information about Royal College expectations for learning objectives can be found here. Please avoid verbs that are often used but are open to many interpretations (e.g., appreciate, have faith in, know, learn, understand, believe). Click here for a link to suggested verbs. Ideally, the learning objectives should relate back to the learning needs.

We request that session proposals be submitted in English, however if a French-language session is preferred, please indicate that in your proposal.

Review Criteria

All proposals will be peer reviewed by reviewers selected by the Pre-Conference Course Planning Committee. The Committee may accept or decline proposals.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is March 12, 2018.

Session organizers will be notified of decisions no later than May 1st, 2018.

A strong proposal will have the following characteristics:

Educational Merit

  • Present innovative or interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Have broad enough appeal to generate large audiences at the meeting.
  • Meet perceived needs (identified by presenters through surveys, needs assessments, etc.) or unperceived learning needs of the participants (identified indirectly as areas new to practice, controversial areas, or where practice/care patterns are suboptimal).
  • Provide strong overall synthesis or overview and are not simply a set of related case studies;
  • Uses a highly interactive format and includes the opportunity for formal exchange with faculty and other participants
  • Can use novel teaching techniques.


  •  List the CONFIRMED speakers/facilitators who have been contacted and have committed to the session
If Your Proposal Is Accepted

After acceptance decisions have been made and the scheduling for the meeting is underway, any cancellations and schedule changes are very disruptive. Therefore, it is very important that session organizers obtain firm commitments from their invited speakers before submitting their proposal. We are unable to guarantee that scheduling requests will be granted. When asking speakers to commit to the session, organizers should inform them that the session will be scheduled on Thursday October 11. We cannot schedule or move a session to accommodate the availability of speakers.


*UPDATE: All speakers will receive complimentary registration for the Pre-Conference Course. The CAGP-CCSMH is not able to provide any financial assistance, stipends, travel assistance, or paid lodging to speakers. Organizers are responsible for making this clear to their speakers before submitting a proposal.


For Session Organizers

Once a course or lecture has been accepted and listed online, cancellation imposes a serious burden. Do not submit a proposal if you are uncertain that you will be able to fulfill your obligation to organize and conduct the session.

Important Dates

March 12th, 2018

Deadline for submitting a proposal for Pre-Conference Course

May 1st, 2018

Notification of acceptance sent to organizer

To Submit

The deadline for submissions has now passed. Thank you to all who made a submission for this years Pre-Conference Course!

PLEASE NOTE: The CAGP cannot provide patients with the names of physicians providing care to patients. The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in most Canadian provinces and territories maintain a website for patients to find a physician by specialty. A list of these governing bodies is available on the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada’s website.

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