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Partnership Update

29 Nov 2013 12:14 PM | Deleted user

Mark Rapoport MD FRCPC
Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Dr. Kiran Rabheru, past president, and I have been in discussions this year with the Canadian Psychiatric Association and Council of Academies about potential partnerships. It is important that we update you on this, as there is some important collaboration underway.

  1. Fellowship Status. We would like to encourage our members who may qualify for this to apply for Fellowship Status with the Canadian Psychiatric Association. A Fellow of the CPA is one who has demonstrated excellence in involvement in 3 or more areas of: psychiatric or mental health organizations, volunteer work, clinical, administrative, research, or teaching. Up until recently, to qualify for Fellowship status, members had to be active members of the CPA for at least 5 years in addition to other qualifications. The CPA recently decided that membership in one of the Academies would for at least 5 years be an acceptable alternative to CPA membership for this purpose. I know that many of our CAGP members would almost certainly qualify for Fellowship status, and I encourage you to check this link for details and consider applying. Please note that their application form will likely change later in the Fall. Instead of using the current 2013 form, please wait until the 2014 form is posted on the website, but don’t miss the February 1, 2014 deadline. Please contact us if you need assistance or sponsorship for this as we may be able to help. It would be great if we could have qualified CAGP members recognized as CPA fellows. If you are already a CPA Fellow, please consider also applying for CPA Distinguished Fellow status (Click here).

  2. Membership. The CPA and the CAGP have had a close working relationship since its inception.  Most of our members are already CPA members, but we’d encourage you to also join the CPA if you are not already a member. Their ASM is excellent and the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry is an excellent perk of membership as well. They are also in the process of expanding their advocacy work and by partnering with them, we can ensure that there is a strong voice of advocacy for mental health in later life on Parliament Hill.

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