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A Track Record to Build On (CAGP and the CPA)

09 Jul 2015 4:50 PM | CAGP (Administrator)

Some of you may remember that the initial announcement about the formation of the CAGP took place in Saskatoon during the 1990 Canadian Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting, at the section on geriatric psychiatry of which roughly 25 psychiatrists were in attendance.  Since that time, much has changed in the landscape of geriatric psychiatry in Canada.  As we approach the 25th anniversary of the CAGP in 2016, Geriatric Psychiatry has evolved into an entity more independent of general psychiatry, particularly in the last few years with the new Royal College subspecialty designation.

 Nonetheless, the CAGP and CPA remain closely aligned. The Council of Academies meets twice yearly to explore ways in which the CPA and academies can collaborate to meet the diverse needs of child, geriatric, forensic, CL and adult psychiatrists.  The CPA also has CAGP representation at all levels including their annual scientific meeting and their Board of Directors.  Below is an up-to-date list on the different ways in which the CPA continues to work strategically with the CAGP to support our work:

  • The CPA strongly advocated that geriatric psychiatry receive subspecialty recognition from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and for funding of these positions.
  • CAGP and the CPA collaborated in developing a list of psychiatry recommendations for Choosing Wisely Canada.
  • The CPA consulted with multiple stakeholders including CAGP to develop a survey on subspecialty psychiatric training to assist in advocating for PGY6 funding.
  • CPA and CAGP have worked together to meet with the federal government to discuss seniors’ mental health.
  • CPA worked with CAGP to arrange for participation in an expert panel on end-of-life and palliative care hosted by the federal NDP.
  • The Academies in Action section of CPA’s bi-monthly e-newsletter Psych-e, features a message from academy presidents.
  • The President of CAGP sits as a member of the CPA Board of Directors, and the CPA’s Council of Academies, constituted of academy presidents, reports directly to the CPA Board.
  • The CPA now considers contributions made to Academy leadership activities as qualifiers for CPA Fellowship status.
  • The CPA and the academies have convened a roundtable to share strategic activities and discuss how to more effectively work together.
  • The CPA negotiates significant hotel and meeting room space.  CAGP members benefit significantly from this when the CAGP Conference is held concurrent to the CPA Annual Conference. Savings have been historically in the $10,000 to $15,000 range.

We are also exploring other areas of synergy in research and publications.  In our view, there is much to build on in terms of our joint track record of achievement!

If you have any ideas for further collaboration between the CPA and CAGP or feedback on the work to date, we are eager to hear from you.

Mark Rapoport, MD, FRCPC, President, CAGP (

Donald Addington, MD, FRCPC, CPA Board Cahir (

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