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Update in Geriatric Psychiatry, Message from the Chair

05 Dec 2016 11:14 AM | CAGP (Administrator)

Just over 70 clinicians attended the CAGP's 5th Update in geriatric psychiatry held September 29-30, just before the CAGP Annual Scientific Meeting in Quebec City. As a result of consultations, surveys and feedback, the format was changed to a 1.5-day series of master class style workshops. These were practical updates in areas of clinical use and importance to geriatric psychiatrists and residents, including:

Full-day workshops:

  • Problem Solving Therapy for Older Adults: An Interactive Workshop with Drs. Rebecca Crabb and Dallas Seitz
  • Advanced Interactive Case-based Workshop on Pharmacology on Depression and Dementia with Drs. Nathan Herrmann and Benoit Mulsant

Half-day workshops:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia of Older Adults: An Interactive Hands-on Workshop with Dr. Gail Myhr
  • Advanced Approach to Differential Diagnosis of Dementia in Atypical Dementias with Dr. David Tang-Wai
  • Atelier d’expert sur le diagnostic des démences avec Dr. Robert Laforce
  • Advanced Neuroimaging Workshop in Geriatric Psychiatry and Dementia with Dr. David Tang-Wai

Initial informal feedback suggested the Update was successful. The added depth from a workshop format ensures the CAGP continues to make the educational program relevant and interesting to geriatricians and family physicians who want to improve and update their knowledge base in geriatric mental health.

I am most grateful for the support of the Planning Committee which, along with myself as chair, was made up of the following:

Mark Rapoport, MD, Co-chair

Dallas Seitz, MD, Co-chair

François Primeau, MD, Geriatric Psychiatry

Julie Theriault, MD, representative for Family Medicine

In addition, the Update would not be possible without the support of the entire CAGP board led by Dr. Rapoport, as well as the hard-working administrative team of Tabitha Carloni and Farrah Amador-Mughal of Secretariat Central who worked very long hours finalizing all preparations, communicating with the Hotel PUR Quebec, answering questions from members and attendees, and dealing with administrative issues.

Due to next year’s CAGP collaboration with the Canadian Conference on Dementia, there will not be an Update until 2018. I look forward to reviewing feedback to help prepare for the future of this educational program and providing quality continuing professional development in geriatric psychiatry.

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Wiens, MD, FRCPC

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