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  • 29 Nov 2013 12:08 PM | Deleted user

    Zahinoor Ismail, MD, MSc, FRCPC
    2013 ASM Committee, Chair
    Associate Professor, University of Calgary

    “Emerging Concepts in Geriatric Psychiatry” was the theme of the Annual Scientific Meeting this year, held on September 25th in Ottawa.  As the keynote speaker, Dr. Benoit Mulsant provided an update on DSM5 for Geriatric Psychiatry. His engaging presentation simplified a complex development in our field and made it clear and straight-forward for the clinician to appreciate. The afternoon plenary session was entitled “Advances in Therapeutic Brain Stimulation” and was co-presented by Dr. Daniel Blumberger and Dr. Paul Lespérance. Dr. Blumberger summarized the role of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, ECT and Magnetic Seizure Therapy in the geriatric population. Dr. Lespérance reviewed the role of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in older adults and described the research in Vagus Nerve Therapy and its potential use in geriatric psychiatry.

    Workshops covered a broad array of topics including how to disclose a dementia diagnosis, reviewing neuroimaging guidelines in dementia, CBT techniques for older adults, and development of an algorithmic approach to treatment of late-life depression.

    Concurrent paper sessions focused on a number of common themes, including use of technology (artificial intelligence and telepsychiatry), psychotropic medication safety issues, health systems issues, and physician assisted suicide/euthanasia.

    The CAGP fellowship award was given to Dr. Jennifer Brault, who presented her ongoing research in melatonin for insomnia in older adults. The award for Outstanding Contributions in Geriatric Psychiatry was shared by Drs. Melissa Andrew and Catherine Shea for their devoted and successful efforts over many years at getting Geriatric Psychiatry designated an official subspecialty by the Royal College.
    Next year’s ASM will be held in Toronto on September 9 and 10, in partnership with the Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health.

  • 29 Nov 2013 11:49 AM | Deleted user

    Marie-Andrée Bruneau, MD, MSc, FRCPC
    Institut Universitaire de Gériatrie de Montréal

    L’année a été fertile en gérontopsychiatrie à l’Université de Montréal. Effectivement, le comité universitaire a déposé il y a quelques jours, au Collège Royal, la première demande d’accréditation d’un programme de surspécialité en gérontopsychiatrie au Québec. Si la réponse s’avère positive, comme nous l’espérons, nous pourrions ainsi débuter la formation de nouveaux gérontopsychiatres francophones. Nous sommes très fiers de ce programme, de l’offre riche et diversifiée de stage et de cours grâce à nos professeurs experts du domaine. Cependant, le financement de ce programme n’est pas résolu étant donné la situation particulièrement restrictive d’attribution de postes universitaires au Québec. Comme dans les autres provinces, il demeure nécessaire de faire valoir aux instances décisionnelles les besoins particuliers des populations âgées au Canada.

    Ainsi, des membres de l’Université de Montréal ont pu participer à certains comités ministériels et faire valoir les enjeux prioritaires dans l’offre de soins et services aux personnes âgées. Nous avons collaboré aux tables de réflexion sur l’implantation du plan Alzheimer, tant au niveau cognition que pour les symptômes psychologiques et comportementaux de la démence (SCPD). Certains projets d’implantation qui ont reçu l’aval du MSSS impliquent des gérontopsychiatres de l’UDM. Des programmes de formation et de développements d’outils cliniques et d’enseignement y seront également inclus. Nous avons également collaboré à la consultation du commissaire à la santé du Québec, dont le rapport 2014 portera sur les soins aux personnes âgées. De plus, pour la première fois cette année, le MSSS a organisé une journée de santé mentale des aînés, et nous y avons été directement impliqués. Nous avons également travaillé activement au sein du comité scientifique du MSSS de révision de l’offre de service en CHSLD et effectué des recommandations de lignes directrices pour la prise en charge des SCPD. Les gérontopsychiatres de l’Université de Montréal travaillent également de façon active à développer l’offre en téléconsultation et téléformation. Nous pouvons donc constater une ouverture nouvelle et une préoccupation grandissante des décideurs québécois pour la santé mentale des personnes âgées.

    Actuellement, la plupart des gérontopsychiatres sont dans leurs livres pour le grand rendez-vous du 26 septembre prochain. Nous nous souhaitons et vous souhaitons également le meilleur des succès à cet examen historique!

  • 17 Oct 2013 2:53 PM | Deleted user
    Update as of October 17, 2013: The deadline to register without penalty for the Royal College Fall 2014 examination in geriatric psychiatry has been extended to Nov 15, 2013. The deadline for the examinations held in the Fall of 2015 and onward will be Aug 31st of the previous year. Please click the link the memorandum (English | French), and contact for more information. 
  • 15 Jul 2013 11:48 AM | Deleted user
    The CGS would like to invite CAGP members to submit articles to our two journals. 
    We would love to see CAGP members submit to the journals. 

    Canadian Geriatrics Journal has just published its latest issue at We invite you to review the Table of Contents here and then visit our web site to review articles and items of interest. 

  • 15 Jul 2013 11:45 AM | Deleted user

    A team of researchers from cognitive science, computer science, neuropsychology, geriatric medicine, and behavioral neurology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) have created a computerized tool that has the ability to test in multiple cognitive domains important in the evaluation of early Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. This tool (C-TOC – Computerized Testing on Computer) has been developed along state-of-the-science principles of human computer interaction.

    C-TOC is not yet ready for implementation.

    However, the researchers would like your input to finalize C-TOC’s design and delivery. Please participate in a brief interview (10-15 minutes). The purpose of the interview is to learn about your viewpoints on the utility, applications, feasibility, and limitations of computerized cognitive test batteries. C-TOC will not be presented in its entirety. Just a few sample screens will be shown to convey what the battery looks like. The interview can occur in person or over Skype.

    To participate in the survey or find out more please contact Claudia Jacova ( ) or James Riggs (

  • 15 Jul 2013 11:38 AM | Deleted user

    The Nominating Committee, chaired by Dr. Kiran Rabheru, has received nominations from three (3) full members and two (2) members-in-training. There are five (5) full member positions and one (1) member-in-training position available on the 2013-2015 Board of Directors of the CAGP. The election of these directors, for two-year terms, will take place at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 25, 2013 in Ottawa, Ontario. Please find below the slate of nominations for this year.

    1. Dr. Shabbir Amanullah (Full Member, NS)
    2. Dr. Holly Dornan (Member-in-Training, ON)
    3. Dr. Soojin Chun (Member-in-Training, ON)
    Click here for Biographies 
  • 15 Jul 2013 11:37 AM | Deleted user

    In view of the aging Canadian population, there remains a shortage of geriatric psychiatrists in Canada. CAGP Trainee Committee members Soham Rej and Marla Davidson will be conducting a survey of psychiatry residents in late 2013/early 2014 as part of the Committees’ 2013 initiatives. This project is a Canada-wide web-based cross-sectional survey, aimed at investigating the proportion of Canadian residents who are interested in geriatric psychiatry as a career choice or as a part of their clinical practice. Also of interest is the percentage of residents who wish to pursue formal geriatric psychiatry fellowship training. The goal of the study is to investigate the demographic, educational, and vocational variables associated with geriatric psychiatry interest.

    The results of this study will be of interest to CAGP members, leaders, and educators as geriatric psychiatry as a sub specialty, evolves and grows over the coming years. Results of the study will be published in the CAGP E-newsletter next year.

  • 15 Jul 2013 11:28 AM | Deleted user

    The CAGP Trainee Committee was formed in 2012 with the goal of creating opportunities and support for Member-in-Training (MIT) members and potential MIT members. One of the committee’s initiatives was to encourage psychiatry residents to join the academy by offering them complimentary memberships. Since then the CAGP MIT membership numbers have tripled from 9 (June 2011) to 35 (June 2012), and we have continued to welcome more members to this day. Building upon the success of its inaugural year the committee has set its National Trainee Strategy Initiatives for this year.

    2013 Opportunities for Resident and Students 
    • Complimentary Memberships for Psychiatry Residents. For the second year in a row the CAGP is pleased to offer complimentary memberships to psychiatry residents and fellows under the category of Member-in-Training (MIT). 
    • Follow Us on Facebook  
    • 2013 CAGP Bursaries 
      • Seven (7) $500 bursaries for residents to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting on September 25 in Ottawa, ON. 
      • One (1) $500 bursary for a medical student to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting on September 25 in Ottawa, ON. 
      • Two (2) $500 bursaries for senior residents / fellows to attend the National Review Course on September 23-24 in Ottawa, ON. 
    • Events and Networking Opportunities 
      • CAGP Trainee Breakfast on Wednesday, September 25 at 8am
      • CAGP Trainee social event will be held on the night of Wednesday, September 25 to meet and network with other trainees interested in geriatric psychiatry. 
      • A resident track symposium on the subspecialization of geriatric psychiatry and training opportunities will be presented in partnership with the CPA MIT Executive at the CPA Annual Meeting on Friday, September 27, 2013. 
    • Support of the Canadian medical students National Geriatrics Interest Group 
    For more information click here 
  • 15 Jul 2013 11:12 AM | Deleted user

    Lilian Thorpe MD, PhD, FRCP
    Professor of Psychiatry and Community Health & Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan

    Saskatoon Health Region continues working on developing its seniors' mental health outreach services. We had initially chosen to prioritize our work on outreach to long-term care, and have collaborated with the behavioral support team in streamlining services. We meet weekly to discuss referrals to our service and have developed a standardized referral form. Our regular involvement with long-term care homes has been helpful in creating capacity to care for challenging seniors, who previously had the potential to have longer hospitalizations in acute care facilities, or access care in mental hospitals. Our collaboration with the behavioral support team has helped minimize duplication but also clarified ongoing issues about the admission of younger people to long-term care with the associated challenges this brings with it. The average age in our long-term care facilities has declined over time as we not only have less access to mental hospitals, but chronic care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities have also been closing.

    We still do not have dedicated beds for seniors on general psychiatry, which poses a challenge to admission and appropriate care of frail seniors. There is much pressure to discharge frail seniors too quickly, when they still have very high care needs, which are difficult to meet in long-term care. Unfortunately, personal care homes are often too expensive for seniors, and also generally have difficulty managing those with behavioral difficulties. Mental health approved homes manage difficult behaviors better, but do not accept people with major medical problems. This leaves seniors with both physical and mental health issues in a difficult situation.

    On a more positive note, we have just had a wonderful visit from Dr. Marie-France Rivard. She kindly donated a day to help us with program planning, teambuilding, and communication of our priorities to senior leadership. We all felt rejuvenated after her visit and have many interesting leads to follow.

    We are very grateful to our colleagues in other centers who are helping provide tertiary training to residents of ours who wish to dedicate themselves to geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Marla Davidson is well known to most of you, and was able to spend time after her residency at Dalhousie University. She is now an important part of our clinical and academic team. Dr. Alanna Baillod has been able to spend time during her residency in both Ottawa and Halifax, and will be doing a PGY 6 year in Ottawa starting in July. Another University of Saskatchewan resident, Dr. Julia Kirkham, is currently in Kingston, and prior to that had a very rewarding experience with old-age psychiatry in Australia. We hope to see both Alanna and Julia join our clinical and academic team when their training is complete (but understand that they will have to move where their lives lead them!).

  • 07 Aug 2012 4:24 PM | Deleted user
    We appreciate the interest shown by CAGP members in accessing the RCPSC examinations in Geriatric Psychiatry via the Practice Eligibility Route (PER-sub).Further information regarding the process for applications may be obtained by viewing the Royal College website
     Because this is a new process, the RCPSC is encouraging everyone who is interested in writing the exam to consider an application for a comprehensive review of training and practice in Geriatric Psychiatry to date. Specific questions regarding eligibility for the PER-sub route may be directed to the Credentials department at RCPSC, at, or [ 
    1-800-668-3740 or 613-730-8191].
     Please note the application deadline for eligibility to sit the fall 2013 examination was January 31, 2013.
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