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·       Daljit Bhangoo, Chair 


·       Nancy Vasil, Co-chair (FR)

·       Alanna Baillod, Co-chair 

Annual Scientific Meeting

·       Petal Abdool, Chair


·       Mark Rapoport, Chair

CAGP Awards 

·       Bonnie Wiese, Chair 

·       Melissa Andrew

·       Carol Ward

·       Alanna Baillod

·       Beverley Cassidy

Education Committee: Students & Trainees

·       Shabbir Amanullah, Co-Chair

·       Sharon Duff, Co-Chair

·       Daljit Bhangoo, Co-Chair

·       Aradhna Sharma

·       Amanda Canfield 

·       Carole Lazaro

·       Olga Yashchuk

·       Sumit Chaudhari

2019 Geriatric Psychiatry Online Course 

·       Mark Rapoport, Chair

·       Dallas Seitz

·       Andrew Wiens      

·       Asif Khan

·       Jean- François Côté

·       Robert Madan

·       Andrea Moser

·       Vinay Lodha

·       Kiran Rabheru

·       Aysha Bandali 

·       Lisa Blumenschein  

·       Lynda Culley

·       Cindy Grief

·       Meghan Greene

Partnership Strategy

·       Kiran Rabheru, Chair

CCSMH Representative

·       Kiran Rabheru

·       David Conn

CAGP External Representation

·       Mark Rapoport, Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Geriatrics

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PLEASE NOTE: The CAGP cannot provide patients with the names of physicians providing care to patients. The Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons in most Canadian provinces and territories maintain a website for patients to find a physician by specialty. A list of these governing bodies is available on the Federation of Medical Regulatory Authorities of Canada’s website.

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