2018 Geriatric psychiatry online course

*B = bilingual discussion option





Feb 5 – Feb 11

Dementia Diagnosis and pharmacological treatment: Cognition

Dr. David Tang-Wai

Dr. Andrew Wiens

Feb 12 – Feb 18

Dementia non-pharmacological and pharmacological management of neuropsychiatric symptoms including antipsychotics

Dr. Andrea Moser, Dr. Robert Madan, Melissa Turzanski

Dr. Dallas Seitz

Feb 19 – Feb 25

Psychotic disorders *B

Dr. Tarek Rajji

Dr. Carl Cohen

Dr. Michael Reinhardt

Dr. Jean-François Côté & Dr. Julie Thériault

Feb 26 – Mar 4

Delirium and Anticholinergic medications

Dr. Maria Hussain

Dr. Peter Chan

Dr. Vinay Lodha

Mar 5 – Mar 11 

Sleep difficulties and disorders  *B

Dr. Charles Reynolds

Dr. Jean-François Côté & Dr. Julie Thériault

Mar 19 – Mar 25


Dr. Keri-Leigh Cassidy

Dr. Robert Madan

Mar 26 – Apr 1


Dr. Mark Rapoport

Dr. Mark Rapoport

Apr 2 – Apr 8


Dr. Marnin Heisel

Dr. Vinay Lodha

Apr 9 – Apr 15

Bipolar disorder

Dr. Robin Waxman

Dr. Asif Khan

Apr 16 – Apr 22

Anxiety disorders

Dr. Laura Gage

Dr. Anysia Rusak

Apr 23 – Apr 29

Depression diagnosis and pharmacotherapy

Dr. Benoit Mulsant

Dr. Shabbir Amanullah

Apr 30 – May 6

Psychopharmacology changes with age

Dr. Simon Davies

Dr. Robert Madan

May 7 – May 13 

ETOH and substance misuse  *B

Dr. David Conn

Dr. Jean-François Côté & Dr. Julie Thériault

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