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    • 10 Aug 2017
    • 12:00 AM
    • 07 Aug 2020
    • 12:00 PM

    The CAGP offers job posting and email-blast opportunities for companies and organizations that wish to advertise.

    *Please send your content in PDF or Word Format to


    • 25 Oct 2019
    • (EDT)
    • 26 Oct 2019
    • (EDT)
    • Banff

    Please view our 2019 Sponsorship Package to learn more about partnership opportunities and ways you can get involved. 

    For questions about sponsorship, please contact Rebecca Robinson at

    For questions about logistics, please contact Andrea Smith at

    • 25 Oct 2019
    • 26 Oct 2019
    • Banff

    **Speakers please note: Your disclosure slide can be uploaded with your completed COI form. Have your completed slide ready before you begin to fill out this form.

    PART 1: all speakers and planning committee members to complete

    What to Disclose

    It has become increasingly important to Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (“CME/CPD”) planners and participants that there is full disclosure and if feasible, resolution of any competing interests with respect to information being presented at a CME/CPD event. Please list any affiliation (financial or otherwise) with a commercial or other interest that may have a direct or indirect connection to the content of a CME/CPD presentation. A potential conflict of interest is a situation where the personal and professional interests of individuals may have actual, potential, or apparent influence. In particular, for the 2 year period prior to a CME activity, we are asking all presenters and course planners to disclose conflicts using the online form by clicking the REGISTER button. A conflict of interest could include, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Any direct financial (or in kind) interests NOT only those relevant to the subject being discussed
    • Ownership interest in a company (i.e. stocks, stock options or other ownership interest, excluding diversified mutual funds)
    • Membership on the company’s advisory board or similar committee(s)
    • Involvement in research sponsored by the company
    • Participation in clinical studies sponsored by the company or using products produced by the company within the last two years
    • Involvement in the design of clinical studies concerning the use of products manufactured by the company
    • Honorarium, consulting fees, salary, royalty, grant-in-aid (“restricted” or “unrestricted”) or other monetary support received from or expected from the company; member of a speaker’s bureau or non-for-profit organization
    • Relationship with one or more other for-profit or not-for-profit organizations that fund this program
    • Investments in a pharmaceutical organization, medical device company, or communications firm, or not-for-profit organization
    • Ownership of a patent for a product referred to in the presentation or marketed by the company
    • Any other financial ties that should be declared

    In some cases it can be difficult to determine whether a given relationship or activity may be in “conflict”; in these cases consultation with the CGS CPD committee may be helpful. In general, we recommend that it is prudent to err on the side of disclosing more than less. If there is a potential conflict, the CGS CPD committee should review and help develop mitigation strategies PRIOR to accreditation of the event.

    How to Disclose

    Each presenter should announce to the audience disclosure of the preceding information, if applicable, prior to any presentation with a slide. Speakers who have no involvement with commercial interests should also inform the audience that they are unable to identify any potential conflict of interest and have nothing to disclose.

    PART 2: only speakers need complete

    What to Disclose

    It is the presenter’s responsibility to ensure that their presentation (including any recommendations made) is balanced, and reflects the current scientific literature. Presentations must give a balanced view of all relevant therapeutic options available and a fair assessment must be presented.

    Unapproved use of products or services must be declared at the beginning of the presentation.

    In addition, the Royal College and the CFPC require faculty presentations to be consistent in their use generic names during their presentation. When using trade names, it is preferable to use multiple trade names per product (if available) rather than referencing a single trade name.

    How to Disclose

    Each presenter should announce to the audience disclosure of discussion of off-label use, if applicable, prior to any presentation content with a slide.

    False disclosure or failure to disclose conflict of interest as outlined in this document could require the planning committee to replace the presenter/speaker.

    Effective June 1, 2012, the CFPC requires all presenters and members of planning committees to complete the Declaration of Conflict of Interest form.

    All completed original forms must be retained by the party submitting the program for Mainpro accreditation (referred to herein as the “CPD provider” or “CPD organizer”) for a period of one year following accreditation expiry in the event that the program is audited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

    • 25 Oct 2019
    • 7:00 AM
    • 26 Oct 2019
    • 1:00 PM
    • The Rimrock Resort Hotel, Banff

    CAGP-CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting 

    Please Note: To access Member rates, you must first be logged in. To login click here.

    To become a CAGP member click here. To renew your CAGP membership click here.


    Registration Type Early Bird Rate Regular Rate  On-site Rate
    Full and Affiliate Member (Physician)   $525  $565  $590
    Member: MITs and AITs (medical students, residents and fellows)  $125  $150  $175
    Member: Affiliate, Allied Health Student  $125  $150  $175
    Non-Member: Physician   $575  $615  $640
    Allied Health Professional/Non Physician  $395  $435  $460

    Early bird registration closes September 25, 2019.

    Registration closes on October 16, 2019.


    Cancellations will only be accepted on or before October 11, 2019 (an administration fee will apply). No credits or refunds will be given for cancellations received after October 11, 2019. No liability is assumed by CAGP for changes in program date, content, speakers, venues or cancellation of the event.


    • Pay online by Visa or Mastercard.
    • Cheque - please make all cheques payable to ‘CAGP’ and mail to: 20 Crown Steel Dr. Unit #6, Markham, Ontario, Canada, L3R 9X9.


    Please note that onsite registration will be limited. Full payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard.

    • 25 Oct 2019
    • 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM (MDT)

    You're invited to the CAGP Trainee Lunch that will be held at the CAGP-CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting in beautiful Banff, Alberta on Friday, October 25th, 2019 at 12:30 pm. The lunch will include a resident-focused discussion on the subspecialization of geriatric psychiatry, and will provide information on the programs that will be offering RCPSC accredited Geriatric Psychiatry training opportunities. We would like to invite the Geriatric Psychiatry Program Directors from each university to attend the lunch to provide information on the training opportunities at your university. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet interested residents face-to-face! 

    • 26 Oct 2019
    • 1:45 PM
    • The Rimrock Resort Hotel

    Tighten your laces! Let the competition and fun begin!

    Enjoy the beauty of the Rockies and support the CAGP by challenging your colleagues, friends and family to join you on this 5 km trek up Sulphur Mountain. Participants who do not want to hike to the top are invited to take the gondola to the summit and enjoy a 2 km walk to the Sanson's Peak boardwalk. This Sulphur Mountain Fundraiser registration includes a gondola ride back down the mountain. Fresh air, exercise, and breath-taking views...what could be better?

    When: Saturday, October 26, 2019 at 1:45 p.m.

    Start Location: The Rimrock Resort Hotel

    Entry Fee: $50.00

    Donations are encouraged and can be directed to support the CCSMH, CAGP resident and trainee awards and initiatives, education or advocacy efforts.

    To see the teams and their participants, or to make a donation, click here.

    This promises to be a really fun event for all participants, and a great way to raise funds and awareness for seniors’ mental health. Come out and enjoy the company of your colleagues while taking in the beauty of Banff. We look forward to seeing you there!

    Please note: This event is weather dependent. Should the trail/gondola be closed due to weather, an alternate activity will be planned.

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    10 Mar 2014 24th Annual Baycrest Rotman Research Institute conference
    20 Nov 2013 The Gerontological Society of America 66th Annual Scientific Meeting
    04 Nov 2013 CAGP Online Study Group
    17 Oct 2013 CAG2013: Aging Systems in Cells to Society
    03 Oct 2013 7th Canadian Conference on Dementia
    01 Oct 2013 IPA 16th International Congress
    25 Sep 2013 2013 ASM University Leader's Luncheon
    25 Sep 2013 2013 ASM Trainee Breakfast
    25 Sep 2013 Breakfast Symposium
    23 Sep 2013 CAGP Review Course in Geriatric Psychiatry
    21 Jun 2013 CPA Perspectives in Mental Health Care
    01 May 2013 32nd Annual Ontario Gerontology Association Conference
    18 Apr 2013 2013 CGS Annual Scientific Meeting
    18 Apr 2013 20th International Symposium about Current Issues and Controversies in Psychiatry
    25 Mar 2013 CAGP Board Meeting
    21 Mar 2013 Alberta Psychiatric Association 2013 Scientific Conference and AGM
    14 Mar 2013 2013 American Association for Geriatric Psychiatry Annual Meeting
    04 Mar 2013 23rd Annual Neuroscience Conference
    11 Dec 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
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    26 Nov 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
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    29 Oct 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
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    23 Sep 2012 CAGP Review Course in Geriatric Psychiatry
    21 Sep 2012 CCSMH/CAGP 2012 Joint Conference
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    27 Aug 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    20 Aug 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    14 Aug 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    30 Jul 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    23 Jul 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    10 Jul 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    25 Jun 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    18 Jun 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    12 Jun 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    01 Jun 2012 NEWSLETTER deadline
    28 May 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    21 May 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    08 May 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    30 Apr 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    23 Apr 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    10 Apr 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    26 Mar 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    19 Mar 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    13 Mar 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    01 Mar 2012 NEWSLETTER deadline
    27 Feb 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    23 Feb 2012 Trainee Committee meeting
    14 Feb 2012 National Review Course Committee Meeting
    14 Feb 2012 National Review Course Technical Meeting
    30 Jan 2012 CAGP Board Meeting
    23 Jan 2012 ASM Committee Meeting
    27 Oct 2011 6th Canadian Conference on Dementia
    21 Oct 2011 Canadian Association on Gerontology-40th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting
    13 Oct 2011 Canadian Psychiatric Association (CPA) 61st Annual Conference
    12 Oct 2011 CAGP Annual Scientific Meeting
    22 Sep 2011 2011 International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE)
    06 Sep 2011 International Psychogeriatric Association (IPA) 15th International Congress
    04 May 2011 Ontario Gerontology Association (OGA) 30th Annual Conference
    02 Feb 2011 Elder Abuse Workshop
    24 Jan 2011 Residential Long-Term Care for Canada's Seniors: Nonprofit, For-Profit or Does it Matter?
    06 Jan 2011 Aging and Mental Health Workshop
    07 Dec 2010 Royal College – NSS Health Human Resources Conference and NSS
    02 Dec 2010 Canadian Association of Gerontology (CAG) 39th Annual Scientific Meeting and Educational Meeting
    26 Nov 2010 Conference on Positive Aging: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Health Professionals
    27 Sep 2010 CCSMH: 4th National Conference: Connecting Research & Education to Care in Seniors' Mental Health.
    26 Sep 2010 IPA 2010 International Meeting
    23 Sep 2010 CPA Meeting
    22 Sep 2010 CAGP 2010 ASM
    17 May 2010 McMaster University: Montessori for Dementia workshop
    16 Apr 2010 ISAD 5th Biennial Conference
    15 Apr 2010 2010 CGS Annual Scientific Meeting
    09 Apr 2010 CME- Geriatric Psychopharmacology Day-2nd Biannual
    07 Apr 2010 31st Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine
    30 Mar 2010 Tai Chi For Older Adults: Improving Physical
    22 Mar 2010 Baycrest-Berkeley presents The 20th Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference: The Frontal Lobes
    05 Mar 2010 2010 AAGP Annual Meeting
    23 Feb 2010 Reducing Age-Related Memory Deficits
    02 Feb 2010 Aging and the Interplay of Motivation and Cognition
    02 Feb 2010 Aging, Memory & Motivation
    26 Jan 2010 Brain Health Across The Life Span
    01 Dec 2009 Into the Light - Transforming Mental Health in Canada
    25 Nov 2009 McMaster Centre for Gerontological Studies
    24 Nov 2009 Bilingualism And Its Protection Of Cognitive Function
    03 Nov 2009 Long-Term Socioeconomic Status And The Experience Of Preventable Disease
    02 Nov 2009 Making Gains in Mental Health and Addictions 2009 - The Future is Now
    30 Oct 2009 Aging at Home: Connecting Research and Clinical Care
    22 Oct 2009 Where the Rivers Meet: Merging Perspectives on Aging
    22 Oct 2009 38th Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting CAG
    21 Oct 2009 The NADD 26th Annual Conference & Exhibit Show for 2009
    20 Oct 2009 Keep on Rockin' - Sexuality and Aging Symposium
    16 Oct 2009 Approaching the Work: Fundamentals of Work with Older Persons
    01 Oct 2009 5th Canadian Conference on Dementia
    16 Sep 2009 12th Annual McMaster Fall Symposium
    01 Sep 2009 IPA 14th International Congress
    27 Aug 2009 Canadian Psychiatric Association presents its Annual Conference
    17 Jul 2009 Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
    24 Jun 2009 Neuroimaging in Dementia Workshop
    15 Jun 2009 McMaster Summer Institute on Gerontology 2009
    10 May 2009 Canadian Healthcare Association (CHA) presents Canadian Network for Innovation in Education (CNIE) presents its 2nd Annual International Conference 2009
    04 May 2009 IPA 2009 International Meeting
    23 Apr 2009 Old Age in a New Age
    22 Apr 2009 Society of Behavioral Medicine presents Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions
    08 Mar 2009 Baycrest presents the 19th Annual Rotman Research Institute Conference
    03 Sep 2008 CAGP & CCSMH 2008 Joint ASM

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