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Partnership Strategy Report - Dr. Kiran Rabheru

03 Nov 2014 10:44 AM | CAGP (Administrator)

It is with pleasure that I report the gains that CAGP has made in 2014 in building new ways to partner with like-minded organizations, especially the CPA, CCSMH, CMA, CGS, IPA, and AAGP.

I will summarize some of the highlights and newer developments below:

Canadian Seniors Health Collaborative (CSHC): At the CAGP Strategic Planning Retreat on February 28, 2014, a workshop was led by Kiran Rabheru with participation of Ken LeClair, David Conn, Corrine Fisher, Soham Rej, Mark Bosma, Holly Dornan, Barry Campbell and Bonnie Schroder. This workshop resulted in the planning and conceptualization of a Canadian Seniors Health Collaborative (CSHC). The goal of the CHSC will be to advance the political, research, professional development and financial interests of the CAGP through partnerships with key stakeholder organizations in seniors’ health. Several goals were identified including:

1. To set up a summit to explore the feasibility of the CSHC.

2.  To secure a 2015 date and Toronto venue and to invite speakers from CCSMH, CGS, IPA, CPA and CAG to a strategic summit on seniors’ health.

3.  To secure funding for the summit and speakers.

4. To use the summit to find the common ground and determine who and how to link or partner with the right organizations that will advance the CAGP Mission and Purpose.

5. Results of the summit will inform the creation of the CSHC, a new non- profit organization.

6.Define the benefits of collaboration: Networking, reduced cost by sharing resources, political strength in numbers, more resources for guideline development, leadership for better patient outcomes.

7.  To develop CSHC partnerships 8: operationalize the CSHC Sand secure a memo of understanding with the six or seven key organizations

8.  Establish a website committee and secure quotes to build the CSHC website.

9. develop a communication strategy 10: develop the CSHC membership value proposition.

CPA: Partnership planning with the CPA is an ongoing process. Glenn Brimacombe, the new CEO of the CPA is working closely with the CAGP and other academies, to develop a closer alliance to achieve goals that are of mutual benefit to our members e.g., membership fees, conference planning, recruitment and retention of members, and administrative efficiencies, communication strategies, media and public education are a few of the items on the list of ongoing discussions. Another major gain was the decision by the CPA Board that membership in one of the Academies would for at least five years would be an acceptable alternative to CPA membership for the purpose of obtaining a Fellowship of the CPA. CPA’s inaugural Lobby Day, attended by a number of Parliamentarians and guests, was held on Thursday, April 10, 2014. The CAGP was well represented by Marie-France Rivard at this exciting event as the CPA went to Parliament Hill to discuss the raise awareness and the importance of mental health amongst Canadians.

CMA: As an affiliate of the CMA, the CAGP was invited to participate in a Specialist Forum attended on August 17, 2014. Dallas Seitz represented the CAGP who, along with Frank Molnar of geriatric medicine, helped pass a motion stating that The Canadian Medical Association will examine physician resources and trends among those specialties that focus on geriatric care (e.g., geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, care of the elderly) and make recommendations based on those findings. Other discussions with the CMA include improving efficiency in the Canadian health care system and the future of medical education in Canada postgraduate survey on supports for transition into practice.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions that each and every one of you has made throughout the year to move many of the partnership agenda items forward and I look forward to working with you on the many new initiatives in the coming year.


Kiran Rabheru

Chair, Partnership Strategy

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