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Objectives and Goals


  1. To establish and maintain an organization to promote and develop excellence in the practice of Geriatric Psychiatry.
  2. To maintain full association with general psychiatry through a formal relationship with the Canadian Psychiatric Association.
  3. To promote and participate in educational programs that foster good psychiatric care for older adults and promote their mental health. These include: working with academic institutions to develop, implement and evaluate standards of training for psychiatrists in Geriatric Psychiatry; and the organization of educational programs for members of the Academy and members of the Canadian Psychiatric Association.
  4. To provide a national forum and vehicle for the dissemination of scientific and clinical information in Geriatric Psychiatry through its newsletter and/or other publications.
  5. To promote research in Geriatric Psychiatry.
  6. To collaborate with relevant organizations and governmental bodies in the development of mental health care resources for the Canadian elderly population.


  1. Promote the development, dissemination, utilization and retrieval of best practices.
  2. To promote research in Geriatric Psychiatry and seniors mental health.
  3. Education:
    1. Address human resource shortages in geri-psych (recruitment).
    2. Ensure that general psychiatry has the knowledge and skills to provide care.
    3. Influence attitudes/knowledge and skills of all future and current physicians in providing care.
    4. Collaborate with other disciplines to provide knowledge for the development of educational programs.
    5. CME for Geriatric Psychiatry a focus on creating educators.
    6. Public and policy education.
  4. Communications:
    1. Engagement
    2. Connections
    3. Enhance profile
    4. Dissemination
  5. Advocacy and Public Policy.

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