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The CAGP is involved with a number of activities to promote and advocate for seniors mental health.


The CAGP, since its inception, has been committed to education of students, residents, fellows and continuing advancement.

The CAGP has also taken a leadership role in the development of curriculum guidelines for general training in geriatric psychiatry. These guidelines have been implemented in whole and/or in part in a majority of Canadian Universities at this time.

Specialty Advanced Training Program in Geriatric Psychiatry were developed and approved by the Academy in 1994.

After intensive decades-long effort from the CAGP, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada approved geriatric psychiatry as one of the few sub-specialities in psychiatry in 2009.  In Fall 2013, the Royal College began to provide a practical examination for sub-speciality designation in this area.

A National Review Course and Online Study Group in Geriatric Psychiatry were launched in 2012.  These are currently called the Geriatric Psychiatry Update and Geriatric Psychiatry Online Course.


Policy and Planning

The CAGP, through its membership, has been involved in the areas of educational and health service policy in many areas of Canada. Nationally, this includes developing position papers for Federal Standing Committees, developing guidelines for geriatric psychiatry training, and working collaboratively with other national stakeholders to plan and advocate for new and innovative solutions. On a local basis, CAGP members are actively involved in many provincial activities participating in the development of health service policy as it relates to seniors with severe mental illness.

Annual Scientific Meeting

Each year the CAGP sponsors a 1 or two-day annual scientific meeting. The meeting is an opportunity to bring together professionals from across the country to share ideas, learn about new research, upgrade knowledge and skills, and learn from leaders in the field.


Through the Annual Report,  News Bulletin and website, the CAGP is committed to providing current and relevant information to its members.

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