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About the Academy

The Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry (CAGP) is a national organization of psychiatrists and health professionals dedicated to promoting mental health in the Canadian elderly population through the clinical, educational, research and advocacy activities of its membership. It was founded in 1991, and is recognized as the voice of Geriatric Psychiatry in Canada.

The CAGP is a member of the Council of Academies of the Canadian Psychiatric Association. The organization has an Executive, Board and supporting committee structure. There are over 300 current members. The CAGP is committed to a number of activities that supports its current and future membership as well as their clients.


The Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry (CAGP) is a national organization committed to fostering professional and academic excellence for its members within the field of Geriatric Psychiatry to promote the mental health of Canadian Seniors.


To be key opinion leaders in education, research and in public policy on psychiatric issues affecting Canadian Seniors.

  • To provide leadership in the field of Geriatric Psychiatry.
  • To provide leadership in partnership opportunities that promotes seniors mental health.

Core Values

  1. Promotion and enhancement of seniors’ well-being or overall health and quality of life is core to all our activities.
  2. We provide leadership in the development and dissemination of knowledge and promotion of best practices.
  3. A range of Educational initiatives are key to professional excellence.
  4. Geriatric psychiatry is a distinct body of knowledge and skills.
  5. Networking, partnerships and teamwork create additional capacity to influence change.

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