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The Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry will be offering 3 awards valued at $1,000 to help support a resident enrolled in a Canadian Psychiatry Residency Program that wishes to develop his or her interest in geriatric psychiatry.

The purpose of this award is to promote the development of future Canadian psychiatrists with a special interest in geriatric psychiatry. The Award provides residents with the financial resources to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry and to network with members of the CAGP.

The successful applicant will be asked to prepare a poster presentation, either briefly outlining a proposal or presenting results of scholarly activity at the 2024 CAGP-CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting to be held in Vancouver on September 27 – 28, 2024. Following attendance at the ASM, if the full amount of the award has not been used, the resident may elect to use the remainder to support activities which promote his/her knowledge skills and experience in geriatric psychiatry.

There are a total of 3 CAGP Psychiatry Resident Awards available to be allocated in 2024.


Psychiatry residents accepted or enrolled in PGY-2, PGY-3, PGY-4 or PGY-5 of a postgraduate psychiatry training program in Canada as of July 2024, are a current CAGP Affiliate-In-Training member, and who have not been accepted into a geriatric psychiatry sub-specialty training program. If already accepted into a sub-specialty training program then we encourage the person to apply for the CAGP Geriatric Psychiatry Sub-Specialty Resident Award.

Please note that Affiliate-in-Training membership with the CAGP is FREE and is available to medical students or residents with an interest in geriatric psychiatry (who are not enrolled in a sub-specialty program). Click  here for more details.

This award is not renewable and can only be awarded once to a given recipient.


The application should include:

1.   Letter by applicant detailing interest, previous experience in geriatric psychiatry, and future career goals.

2.   An outline of a proposed research project or other scholarly activity in geriatric psychiatry.

3.   Curriculum vitae.

4. Two letters of reference: one letter from the applicant’s Postgraduate Director that includes the applicant’s year of training and that they are in good standing, and a second letter from the applicant’s Geriatric Psychiatry Supervisor or Faculty Member/Head of Division of Geriatric Psychiatry who is a member of the CAGP.

        Click here to submit your application.

        DEADLINE EXTENDED: June 10, 2024

        • Claire Stanley (2023)
        • Daniel Kapustin (2023)
        • Danusha Vinoraj (2023)
        • Mehar Kang (2023)
        • Samantha Reimer (2023)
        • Aditya Nidumolu (2022)
        • Andrew Namasivayam (2022)
        • Ari Cuperfain (2022)
        • Rafae Wathra (2021)
        • Monica Parmar (2021)
        • Gina Eom (2021)
        • Dan Huynh (2021)
        • Myriam Vigny - Pau (2021)
        • Dr. Rachel Carr (2020)

        • Dr. Paris Lai (2020)

        • Dr. Marissa LeBlanc (2020)

        • Dr. Amanda Canfield (2019)

        • Dr. Klara Pokrzywko (2019)

        • Dr. Claire Docherty (2019)

        • Dr. Amy Gough (2019)

        • Dr. Anthony Yeung (2019)

        • Dr. Stefanie Montgomery (2018)
        • Dr. Catherine Bobek (2018)
        • Dr. Nicholas Ainsworth (2018) 
        • Dr. Emily St. Denis (2017)
        • Dr. Ryan O'Neill (2017)
        • Dr. Catherine Cheng (2017)
        • Dr. Claude Bergeron (2016)
        • Dr. Dominique Elie (2016)
        • Dr. Melina Gosk (2016)
        • Dr. Ching Yu (2015)
        • Dr. M. Selim Asmer (2015)
        • Dr. Ines Senouci, Université de Montréal (2014)
        • Dr. Paul Blackburn, University of British Columbia (2014)
        • Dr. Soojin Chun, University of Ottawa (2013)
        • Dr. Angela Golas, University of Toronto (2013)
        • Dr. Vanessa Thoo, Dalhousie University (2013)
        • Dr. Maria Hussain, Queen's University (2012)
        • Dr. Jennifer Barley, University of British Columbia (2012)
        • Dr. Soham Rej, McGill University (2011)
        • Dr. Holly Dornan, University of Ottawa (2011)
        • Dr. Joëlle Desfossés, University of Montreal (2011)
        • Dr. Sara Brunelle, Universite de Montreal (2010)
        • Dr. Andrea Iaboni, University of Toronto (2010)
        • Dr. Genevieve Létourneau, Universite de Montreal (2010)
        • Dr. Andrea Bardell (2009)
        • Dr. Marla Davidson (2009)
        • Evelyne Thuot (Special Resident Award: applies to 2009 only)
        • Dr. Jean-Francois Cote (2008)
        • Dr. Joanna Mansfield (2007)
        • Dr. Sharon Duff (2007)
        • Dr. Dallas Seitz (2006)
        • Dr. Shannon MacDonald (2006) 
        • Dr. Sarah Halliday (2005)
        • Dr. Vinay Lodha (2005)
        • Dr. Mathew Morgan (2005)

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