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Resources - NRC 2014

To view the videos please use the password cagpupdate 

Assessment Of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia

A. Wiens: Presentation Slides

Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Of Dementia and their Management

D. Seitz: Presentation | Slides

Assessing Capacity in the Elderly

C. Cohen: Presentation  | Slides

Sleep Disorders in the Elderly

C. Reynolds III: Presentation | Slides | Slides

Recognition and Assessment Of Depression in Late-Life

B. Mulsant (skip to 1 hr 14 min): Presentation | Slides

A Sneak Preview of the Canadian Coalition on Seniors’ Mental Health Guidelines

 M. Gibson: Presentation | Slides

Antidepressants in Late-Life

B. Mulsant: Presentation | Slides

Antipsychotics and Adverse Drug Reactions 

N. Herrmann: Presentation | Slides

Psychopharmacology in the Frail Elderly Medically lll 

S. Sockalingam: Presentation | Slides

Physiology, Pharmacology

G. Heckman: Presentation | Slides

Psychosocial, Cognition, Neurologic

M. Rapoport: Presentation | Slides

Problem Solving Therapy

D. Seitz: Presentation | Slides

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

K-L. Cassidy: Presentation | Slides

Sexuality in Old Age

C. Grief (skip to 42 min): Presentation | Slides

Delirium from Three Perspecitives

L. Wiesenfeld: Slides


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